Absolute Pilates Studio is the first and only modern Pilates Studio in Montenegro. In our studio you can workout  with the original Stott Pilates apparatus, Reformer, Cadillac, Stability Chair, Spring Wall. Pilates apparatus enhance and improve functional capability of man and they give a whole new dimension to exercising.

There are over 20 different types of equipment for group and individual training. Balance air pads, rotational discs, different types of balls-tonning  balls,  medicine balls, stability balls, gim, soft balls, Bosu, weighted body bars, foam rollers, fitball rollers, mini bands and tube, weights, resistance ring, kettle bell, TRXs
With constant education within Pilates and fitness we strive to be as professional as we can and have better and more professional approach to our clients. By investing in our knowledge through education, various seminars and congresses we ensure better contemporary knowledge and skills which we use by providing individual and group Pilates classes.

Pilates Is a system of exercises founded by Joseph H. Pilates. It consists of more than 500 mat exercises. It is complemented by Pilates props and pilates apparatus. Pilates strengthens and shapes the muscles, affects proper posture, increases flexibility, endurance, improves balance, reduces stress, affects the strength. It uses mind to control the muscles. Designed like this it represents the most quality and the most effective training for the body and mind.

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